Thursday, April 25, 2019 09:24 AM

Explosion Reported Near New York's Port Authority Bus Terminal near Times Square

Two people were injured in a pipe bomb explosion in the subway system in the Times Square area on Monday morning.  Fox 5 News reported that one of the injured was the bomber and he was taken into custody with non-life threatening injuries.

The blast apparently happened in an underground passageway between two subway lines. The blast happened during the rush hour and that area is very busy with commuters.

New York City police said they were evacuating subway lines after an explosion in the city transit system was reported in the Times Square area of Manhattan during Monday’s morning rush hour, reports huffingtonpost.

The reported blast, near Eight Avenue and 42nd Street, was of “unknown origin,” police said in a statement. The A, C and E subway lines were being evacuated, Sgt. Brendan Ryan told HuffPost.

Image Courtesy: Chicago Tribune 


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