Friday, April 20, 2018 02:07 PM

Chandrababu Naidu Capital Bond Scheme: A strategy to rouse anti center sentiment

Chandrababu Naidu called for crowd funding for the construction of capital Amaravathi. Earlier he initiated My Brick-My Amaravthi scheme. Though the ruling party calls it an attempt to enlist public participation for the construction of people's capital , the timing and the intent of the proposal clearly reveals that this is a strategy to rouse people's sentiment against the center. The capital narrative helped Naidu to dramatically alter his political fortunes in 2014. Thus, the capital bond scheme is part of Chandrababu Naidu's politics woven around Telugu pride, bifurcation narrative and capital dream. Chandrababu Naidu has mastered the art of simultaneously selling a nightmare(bifurcation) and a titillating dream (capital). This assiduously executed strategy helped Naidu not only win 2014 mandate, but, also ensured a political edge over the opposition.


Behind the change of guard in Andhra Pradesh BJP

Close on the heels of divorce between BJP and the TDP, the change of guard in Andhra Pradesh BJP is taking place. This cannot be an accidental coincidence. The change is integral to the strategic shift in saffron politics in the state. Kambhampati Hari Babu, not just mild mannered and soft spoken is seen to be not hostile to relations with TDP.

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Modi in London: Politics on the foreign soil

Prime Minister's speech at Indian diaspora in London is choreographed to cater to the domestic audience in an election year. His reference to Basaveshwara is a clear attempt to appease the Lingayats in the poll-bound Karnataka, whom the BJP..


Telugus Anger likely to Hit BJP in Karnataka

Telugu people have a sizable presence in neighbouring states for a host of reasons. The parts of Karnataka which were earlier part of Hyderabad state has sizable presence o f Telugu people. This region is still called Hyderabad-Karnataka ...


TJS to Emulate AAP: Missing links remain

Will the TJAC after transforming itself into a political outfit repeat the Aam Aadmi party experiment? Arvind Kejriwal was successful in defeating both the Congress and the BJP in the Delhi polls. Leaders in JAC hope to emulate AAP model. But,..


TJS Meet Denied Permission, What Does The Constitution Say?

The authorities concerned continue to deny permission to proposed public meeting marking the launch of new political party in Telangana led by TJAC chief Prof Kodandaram later this month. Is this constitutionally acceptable and legally valid?..


KCR , Chandrababu, Jagan in Karnataka elections

KCR extended support to JD(S) in Karnataka elections. Chandrababu Naidu’s TDP appealed to Karnataka voters to vote for anyone who can defeat BJP. YS Jagan refrained from speaking on Karnataka elections. In fact this is the first time regional..


Ambedkar is not just a Dalit icon, his Ideas are Universal

The nation commemorates the 127th birth anniversary of one of its illustrious sons who authored the republican constitution. Leaders will today beam before television cameras garlanding the statues of Dr B R Ambedkar. But, the society wants the..


Is financial system crumbling under Modinomics?

Corporate frauds like Nirav Modi Scam, phenomenal rise  in NPAs, new provisions like bail-in under  FRDI regime are a multi pronged conspiracy aimed at weakening India's predominantly public owned  banking system  resulting in corporate ..


KCR's Third Front beset with infantile challenges

TRS Chief K Chandrashekhar Rao calls for Third Front comprising of non congress and non BJP parties. Several parties like TMC, JMM, MIM, RJD expressed their support to the idea. Though there is always a space for alternative to congress and BJP..


BJP's expansionist agenda making allies restless

TDP's  exit from NDA, other allies like Akali Dal and Shiv Sena simmering with discontent, possible allies like TRS distancing itself and BSP, SP coming together reflect the new phase in the BJP's growth trajectory. The party in its earlier..


Congress home-grown electoral strategy in Karnataka

Unlike in Gujarat where Rahul Gandhi led the anti-Modi campaign, Karnataka chief Minister Siddaramaiah invents a new local  political idiom to counter the aggressive BJP campaign. Congress fights BJP's aggressive nationalism with equally..


Emerging challenge to Modi narrative in 2019

Three developments seems to be presenting a serious challenge to the BJP political narrative around invincibility of Modi in 2019. Firstly, the UP by-election results will emerge as a clear indication of the erosion in BJP vote and electoral..